Dove Hunts at Hollywood Farms

Our dove fields are welcoming only 10 shooters at a time. We have planted our fields strategically to maximize Georgia’s 3 dove hunting seasons. Remember, it will be fun to compare the size of the local birds in September to those migrating northern birds arriving in December and January.

Georgia’s dove hunting season is strategically divided into three segments, providing ample opportunities for hunters.

  • First Segment: Early September (aroound Labor Day) to Early October (typically the first Sunday in October)
  • Second Segment: The Saturday before Thanksgiving to the following Sunday (nine days)
  • Third Segment: Mid-December to the end of January


Important Note: These are tentative dates based on previous seasons. The official hunting dates are typically finalized by the Georgia DNR in late Summer.​

All Inclusive 2 Day, 1 Night Experiences

$1100 per shooter

  • Overnight stay in historic 1850 Antebellum home.
  • Only 5 bedrooms welcoming single or double occupancy
  • Fine, table-served meals
  • All libations, wine, & spirits
  • 200 clay targets & shotgun shell ammunition included in your pre-hunt experience

Morning or Afternoon Dove Hunts

$500 per shooter

  • Available for groups of 6-10 hunters
  • Pre or post-hunt meal provided

“Now then, take your weapons…and go out to the field and hunt game for me”

Genesis 27:3